Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let's Cut to the Chase....The Big Snip

You would not believe how many people asked me if my husband would get a vasectomy after I got my tubes reversed.  What do people think that by just being in the same room he will spontaneously impregnate me?  We have lots of running jokes about his super sperm, but really, vasectomy is going way too far.  And in case you didn't know, vasectomy is as hard on a man as tubal ligation is for a woman.  I won't go into details here, but men have Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome.  It is very real and causes extreme pain and suffering.  Oddly enough, when they go to the doctor they are also told that it is "all in their heads".   It also changes their hormone levels, and testosterone drops off for the first year.  Many will go on to have issues with erectile dysfunction.  And half of all men who have a vasectomy never tell others because of feeling embarrassed and ashamed of having it done. So, if you are suffering from PTLS and are encouraging others to avoid tubal ligation, don't imply that their hubby should be the one to get the big snip.  Many men are pressured into vasectomy and are told to "man up" or "take one for the team".  Reality is our bodies are intricate and incredible.  They work best when all of the systems are working and that includes our reproductive organs.  Even those of us in long term relationships could do well to learn barrier methods and natural family planning.  Don't fix what isn't broke.  That's my motto from now on!

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  1. Yet again because of one of your posts we have re-thought our decision for my finace' to go for the snip. Prior to this post I want you to know I never thought of complications from a vasectomy and therefore after more research I've discouraged him from having to deal with the pain I had to live with over year. So thank you yet again!

  2. You are so welcome. We make it seem like there are only two choices when we are done with child bearing...tubal or vasectomy. Neither it turns out, are a very good choice. I never realized how horrible the side effects could be from a vasectomy until I met a woman who told me her husbands story, and how she wished she had gone through with the tubal instead. After explaining to her the complications of a tubal, she realized that it could have been her in pain instead of her husband. What loving wife wouldn't want to take the pain away from her husband? And what loving husband wouldn't want to take the pain away from his wife? Better not to put yourselves in a position of having this happen. Sterilization is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. We are only fertile for so many years and we can use methods that don't cause extreme pain or suffering.

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