Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Re-Birthday to Me!


My tubal reversal date fell exactly 6 months after my real birthday.  On my original birthday I was given life, thanks to God and my Mom.  I had a beautiful, amazing life filled with love and laughter, hope and joy.  I had the tubal ligation and all of the good I felt in my life disappeared.  And then my re-birthday came on February 18th, 2011.  I told my husband that the TR surgery was like giving birth to myself. I got the calm, happy person back that I used to be, along with the smarter and wiser person that I had to become after having the TL. The reversal was the best decision that I could have made for myself. I know I will never regret being restored to the whole and happy self that I used to be.

So, in honor of spring, a beautiful season of birth and renewal, I am going to celebrate my own joy at being whole.  I am going to take time off until after Easter to enjoy this religious season and ponder the implications of a God that so loved the world......

I am going to dye Easter eggs and not once worry about my own eggs or whether I am ovulating.  I am only going to worry about the temperature in the backyard, and not the temperature of my body.  I am going to enjoy everything I ingest, including peeps, and I am not going to worry that I have forgotten to take my supplements.  I am going to laugh and play and take a week to not think about any of the things that have plagued my mind for the last few years.  I am promising my family that at 3:15 when I pick up my children from school that I will not utter, or even think the words, tubal, ligation, reversal, ovulation, ptls, or even the word hormone.  They are all out of my vocabulary at least for the next 8 days or so.  I am choosing instead to focus my time and energy on the many miracles in my life.  And while I'm at it I might just have a chocolate bunny or two.....

Blessing to all.  Happy Spring!


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