Monday, March 28, 2011

What's age got to do with it...??

I am thoroughly amazed at the misinformation out there about the side effects of tubal ligation.  Many of the websites that even admit  there might be problems after getting your tubes tied clearly state that if you are older (mid to late 30's or beyond) that you will be in the "safe" area where you are not going to notice any side effects.  And if you do, it is because you are stopping the pill and you don't really know what your body can do.  All I have to say is, AGE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.   I was 39 when my tubes were tied, and I had an immediate bodily reaction to having this done.  I had not been on the pill for 11 years.  I had been using natural family planning, and had conceived quickly and easily at 37 and 39.  I knew my cycle, I could set my watch by it, and it drastically changed.  I am also irritated that so many young (20's) women are having this done and being told that the side effects are just from getting older.  Those of us who made it to "older" before having this done know that what you are experiencing is not normal, and not a product of getting older. 

It is OK for any of us to decide that we are done having children.  All children should be wanted, and loved.  But if at anytime you know in your heart you are done, well then you have every right to be.  I think we all need to stand up and clearly shout to the medical community that they are selling us on a myth of a safe form of birth control that simply doesn't exist.  It causes problems in young and old. (relative terms!)  I know that I would have much rather taken the chance on having another child then put up with half of the pain and suffering that came with having my tubes done.  Our doctors need to recognize this, and give us better advice. 

One last note:  I also want to recognize that I do not want to take away any one's right to chose sterilization.  I have heard from young women who know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they NEVER want to have children.  This is their right, their choice, and their life.  I want them to be able to make that choice without having someone turn them down due to age.  But, most importantly, I want them to have ALL of the information about the side effects that could in sue.  I think that science could come up with a better way, a safer way, if we demanded loudly that was what we wished.  (Don't say Essure, it has it's own problems!) 

Blessings to ALL :)


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  2. I don't know if this blog is still active or not...research led me here. First of all thanks for posting your experience on the web for the ones who are looking for answers! My TL experience was great for over a year, although i had ovulation cramps, at times pretty severe for a day or two, which was relieved (most of the time) when I drank "Ladies Mantle/Alchamilla" herbal tea. However, just recently i started loosing hair, almost as bad as post pregnancy, but biggest worry is that I developed a chronic yeast infection/UTI. It just swithces between one or the other constantly, although I have completely eliminated ALL sugar and most gluten, which leads me to believe that my body pH levels are extremely acidic (which would also explain my sudden tooth decay). Just recently (a month or so ago) i started experiencing severe oxygen hunger spells, where it feels like theres something on my chest that won't let me get the deepest breath possible, plus constant nasal congestion, although i have never had any allergies before. I'm starting to think that the improper blood supply, hormonal disruption and possibly constant inflammation due to egg dissolving in the tubes is raising my acidity allowing prime bacteria growth conditions which are now overgrowing my body, hence yeast overgrowth, sinus infections and now maybe even lung infection... I haven't seen anything similar yet, from reading others' testimonies, but maybe this wasn't something they thought was related to PTLS, and didn't mention. If anyone else experienced something similar...what do you do? I had mine burned, so am doubting that I'll go through reversal of that, although am only 31 and can't continue to live if i am getting more and more oxygen it is something I'm researching at the moment.