Friday, March 25, 2011

On pins and needles....

I keep talking about how great I feel after having the tubal reversal, and I think that its because I was so surprised at how fast I felt better.  It is wonderful.  But what do you do to relieve symptoms of PTLS if you can't afford a reversal right now?  One thing that I found, which consistently helped me, was acupuncture.  I'm sure theres a handful of you out there that are really unsure about acupuncture,  so let me describe what happens at an acupuncture session.

First your acupuncturist will have you fill out a health questionnaire, just like when you go to a new doctor.  You'll tell them about your medical history, meds you're taking etc.  But here's the difference as I see it:  instead of them asking you what's wrong with you, they ask you how they can HELP you.  It really is an entirely different attitude.  Then the practitioner will take you back to a room, usually a very relaxing setting, and they will  go over your information.  Then here's the weird part for us westerners.  They will ask you to stick out your tongue.  The tongue has a strong blood flow and allows them to check on vascular problems.  Then they will feel your pulse.  Both tell them many things about the state of your health.
You will then lie on a table, face up (dressed, but your might have to lift your shirt), and they will insert needles into specific acupuncture points to help balance and align the body.  Now, I know that the needle part is what loses some people.  They are very tiny diameter needles, they are barely inserted into your skin, and most of the time you won't feel it.  When you do feel it, it is just a tiny sting for a half a second.    You are also only getting about 10 needles in at a time depending on your needs.  Each needle comes in a sterile package and is disposable and only used on you.  You might have one on your arm, leg, abdomen, etc.  They are spread out.  Then you will be left to rest and listen to some relaxing music, with dimmed lights and a heat lamp on your feet.  After about 30 minutes, you're done and the needles are removed.  It is a very relaxing experience.   I felt such relief the first time that I had it done, that I actually started laughing.  It was wonderful since it had been such a long time since I could laugh!

So, now you're probably thinking, but how do you know it works?

1) It decreased my pain level
2) I had a period, after not having one for 3 months
3) I had my hormones tested before acupuncture by coincidence due to the missing periods, after 12 sessions I had them tested again and all of my values had increased.
4) It brought me a little bit of peace.

Acupuncture isn't expensive, about $30 bucks a treatment in my area, and it's worth a shot to bring some relief if you are really suffering.    :) 

Blessing to all!

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