Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fertility Affirmation

Here is a really neat fertility affirmation.  I think it is great whether you are trying to conceive or not.  Some of us are just looking to give birth to a new version of ourselves, one without pain, one that has renewed hope for each day before us.  :)

The Golden Light for Fertility

As the Universe divides, Heaven and Earth are spontaneously manifested. 
Clear light energy becomes the Heavenly Realm
Dark, heavy energy becomes the Earthly Realm
In my being, the energy of Heaven and Earth unite.
My being is the Temple of the Universe.
I cultivate the way of storing the energies of Heaven and Earth.
My mind is the infinite Heaven.
My mind is open and peaceful, and I let all willing and beautiful spirits engage me.
My body is the vast Earth.
My body is full of vitality, nurturing and ready for life.
My ovaries are the golden sun rays, which warm up my entire pelvis.
My uterus is a rain forest, where all lives grow and perpetuate.
My uterus is a house; it is comfortable, cozy, relaxed and ready to receive.
My spirit is true.
My wishes are genuine.
May the Universe  bring comfort and peace to all lives.
May the Universe select me to carry on the spirits of mankind
By conceiving and giving birth to willing spirits
To fulfill my destiny as the Universal Mother.

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