Monday, August 1, 2011

Just a little PTLS Humor

Ok, so I know it is a guy in the cartoon, but doesn't PTLS make us feel this way?  I thought it was cute and true at the same time!


  1. sorry I am not very good at these blog sites so I am just going to place my comment/question where ever will have it???.... I have had a filshie clip sterilisation and I regret it and me and my partner are hoping for another child. I have found a consultant in my area willing to do it and need further info on his previous ops success rates etc how will I find this?? the consultant is Dr Jonathan David Broome based at the BMI hospital Beaumont, Bolton

  2. I would simply ask the office. They need to keep stats on this sort of thing. The biggest question is how often the doctor does this sort of thing. Does he do it four times a year?? Or does he do it four times a week? Really frequency is the key. Rest assured that filshie clips are the easiest to reverse. They damage the least amount of tube, but you want a doctor that does this surgery frequently. Try looking his name up in a google search. If someone is complaining about him, you will find it. Also find out about how to look up medical malpractice in your area, and again search his name.